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Gentle to the infected skin, coresatin® Propolis Hand/Skin Sanitizing Cream both sanitizes and moisturizes your skin. Propolis in its concentration, boosts disinfection effect while the moisturizing conditioners protect your skin from irritation.


Enhanced by propolis rich concentration, coresatin® Propolis Hand/Skin Sanitizing Cream effectively fights with the most common and resistant bacteria, fungi and viruses. As a sanitizer and also a moisturizer, it eliminates 99.99% of the microorganisms likely to cause diseases and infections without any damage to sensitive nature of your skin.

As such, coresatin® Propolis Hand/Skin Sanitizing Cream gently cleanses your skin for a prolonged period of time- up to 6 hours. And, it also helps to repair infected skin’s barrier integrity through supplying essential lipids and moisture in optimal degrees for preventing subsequent infections.


  • Gently apply the product on your skin until absorption as a thin layer.
  • Recommended to be used three or four times during a day.
  • For maximum effect, it can be used in combination with coresatin® barrier conditioning line.

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Can be applied on body, face, and hands.

Perfect companion for daily skincare routines.

It can also be used in combination with the treatment instructed by your dermatologist.

As an active ingredient, it contains 0.04% chlorhexidine digluconate (CHDG) that has a significant proven efficacy and activity against the most common germs. CHDG also provides an antimicrobial protective effect for approximately 6 hours.

It is enriched by allantoin; the concentration of allantoin in this formula is slightly higher than the other formulas in coresatin® product line.

Skin protection agents, vitamins and soothing ingredients for an extended protection.

Non-greasy and non-sticky formula that can rapidly be absorbed by your skin.

Mechanism of action will be outlined in a different window; our video can be used.

Based on the latest scientific knowledge about the importance of the skin microbiome and the skin barrier in coping with diverse skin conditions, our products in sanitation line share a unique and innovative action mechanism. [To learn more, please click the link;]