Atopic dermatitis

Patients who are suffering from atopic dermatitis usually experience red and dry skin rashes that itch irresistibly. Redness, severe dryness and especially itchiness that causes an “itch-scratch” cycle are common symptoms of eczema or atopic dermatitis. Although exact cause of atopic dermatitis is yet not known, a mix of genetic and environmental factors stand out as identifiable triggers. For instance, if your family has a history of atopic dermatitis, you more tend to be effected from some external elements than others who do not have a genetic tendency.

But if it is caused by a combination of hereditary and external factors, is there nothing to do for treatment? Indeed, there are many useful methods to soothe and calm irritated, itchy atopic skin. Yet, let’s first look at how it often emerges. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin problem; it may improve and get worse from time to time but typical symptoms like dry, itchy skin manifestations would return. The misguided immune system over-reacts some triggers and causes named symptoms to emerge in atopic dermatitis. To ease symptoms of eczema, in addition to other useful methods that you might find elsewhere, we can add two vital allies to rely upon; prevention and skin barrier conditioning.

Please always remember that your skin has defensive functions against exogenous elements like changing environmental conditions and the things in your daily lifestyle such as detergents, harsh soaps and cleansers. Symptoms of atopic dermatitis- especially dryness and itching damage the skin barrier and pathogens can be able to penetrate into your skin. As a result, numerous skin problems occur; inflammations, infections, diseases and so on. To support damaged skin barrier, your skin should be first sanitized gently for a certain period of time so that secondary infections cycle can be broken. After that, your skin barrier integrity should be supported by essential lipids and moisture to renew itself.

Two-in-one products formulated for repairing broken skin barrier integrity and sanitizing your skin mildly for a prolonged period would be helpful to re-gain this defensive role. In this sense, sea buckthorn as a natural ingredient could help to repair broken skin barrier integrity with its linoleic acid and ceramides. It would also help your skin barrier to trap and maintain moisture to prevent skin irritations like itching and dryness- the most common manifestations of eczema.

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