Baby Skincare

Your baby’s skin tends to be sensitive and open for wide range of skin problems ranging from simple dryness, acne to diaper rash and infections. Due to its sensitive nature, it can be easily affected from external triggers such as heat, cold, bacteria, wet and so on. Therefore, baby skin needs special attention and optimal care for preventing major skin problems. We here listed some of skin problems that your baby might face along with useful prevention methods.

Diaper Rash

Maybe the most common skin problem that a baby might suffer from is diaper rash also known as nappy rash or diaper dermatitis. Diaper rash is often caused by tight diapers, close contact with wet and irritating diaper and urine in a long period of time and also by some bacterial or fungal infections. Marked by red skin rashes and bumps around the diaper area, it might lead to yeast and fungal infections.

In addition to dressing your baby in light clothing and changing baby’s diaper frequently to reduce its exposure to wet and urine, applying a thick moisturizer after diaper changes would help to create a protective barrier against irritants. To this end, coresatin Barrier-P Cream [link] is formulated to provide a protective layer on your baby’s skin for preventing penetration of irritants and helping effected areas to heal more quickly. But before using a moisturizer, diaper rash might sometimes need to be gently sanitized for deterring pathogens in the area.


Effected by diaper rash, your baby’s skin becomes more prone to skin problems such as yeast and fungal infections. The skin barrier weakens as a result of diaper rash; cracked and dry skin allow bacteria, fungus and other germs to penetrate into the skin. Therefore, the skin gets easily infected. Gentle skin sanitizing products tailored for your baby’s sensitive skin might be helpful to deter pathogens and prevent yeast, bacterial and fungal infections.

For an optimal care that your baby would need in such skin problems, coresatin Panthenol Hand/Skin Sanitizing Cream [link] enriched by a natural moisturizer- panthenol to offer pure and simple way to keep your baby’s skin free from infections and maintain your baby’s skin softness and elasticity. As an active sanitizing ingredient, it only contains 0.04% Chlorhexidine that is 10 times lower than %4 approved safe by the WHO to use in infants and children!

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