Summer skincare tips;

Keep your skin hygienic and hydrated

After you spent long hours of time indoors in the winter, summer comes as a life-saver with its heart-warming sunlight, warm weather and promising outdoor activities like swimming and having picnic with your beloved ones. However, as exposure to the sunlight rises, your summer skincare regimen should be adjusted to prevent what might come along with the summer; skin break-outs, pimples, wrinkles, patches and roughness. Dry skin often tends to get drier and rough, and oily skin is more prone to get oilier in the summer season.

To give your skin essential care that it needs during hot months, it is important to keep your skin hygienic and hydrated in your summer skincare routines. Like in other seasons of the year, skin hygiene is important to sustain your skin health. But the summer adds chlorine water in the pools, dust, sweat and more exposure to UVA/UVB rays and this means higher susceptibility to skin issues like acne. In your daily summer skincare Having cool showers and using a skin sanitizer that mildly cleanses your skin can help to remove sweat, chlorine and oily feeling.

As you might read elsewhere, keeping your skin hydrated during the hot seasons is recommended. But, why? Because like your whole body, your skin needs more hydration to keep the skin barrier functional. Especially, during the summer, it is extra important to keep your skin barrier- outermost layer of the skin moisturized as it is mainly composed of water. When your skin gets dried out, the skin barrier weakens and your skin becomes more susceptible to skin problems; summer skincare practices should prevent this.

coresatin for your summer skincare regime

Recent researches on the structure of the skin have uncovered the importance of skin barrier integrity for coping with diverse skin issues. Based on this growing body of research, coresatin is formulated to give what your skin needs during your ideal summer skincare regimen; proper moisturizing and gently cleaning without any irritation. Our skin sanitization line sanitizes your skin for a prolonged period of time and binds skin barrier essentials like moisture and lipids as well. Moreover, as your skin needs more hydration, our water-based moisturising cream would be on your side throughout the summer. Coresatin product line is a perfect fit for your optimal summer skincare routines!

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