Diabetic Skin

Along with other damages to the body, diabetes can negatively influence the skin as well. Indeed, skin problems might sometimes be the first indicators of diabetes. In diabetic patients, high levels of blood sugar or glucose, poor flow of blood and nerve damages might result in various skin problems. These include but not limited to dry and itchy skin, open sores and wounds, bacterial and fungal infections, and maybe the most importantly diabetic foot ulcers especially in older patients. So, a diabetic skin is more prone to such skin problems and people suffering from diabetes should be aware of those skin complications.

Common symptoms of diabetes such as poor circulation, nerve damages and high blood sugar could hinder your skin to heal wounds, sores and ulcers that might appear especially lower parts of your body. Since particularly aged patients with diabetic skin may have decreased nerve functioning and this causes complete or partial loss of sensation in the foot or leg. Therefore, any cuts, blisters, sores and wounds especially at the bottom of the foot might entirely go unnoticed for days or weeks. This condition is named as diabetic foot ulcers which is very widespread in older diabetic patients.

Diabetic foot ulcers and aloe vera

As anyone can imagine, open wounds in the feet or diabetic foot ulcers are fertile grounds for harmful microorganisms to multiply and hence cause different types of bacterial and fungal infections. If diabetic foot ulcers are not treated well, in extreme cases, they might also cause loss of a part of body or amputation. Diabetic foot ulcers can be managed well by controlling glucose levels, taking the pressure of the foot- called off-loading and preventing possible infections. It is a now well known fact among the practitioners that diabetic foot ulcers or wounds might heal faster if they are kept covered, disinfected and moist.

In this sense, as a natural ingredient, aloe vera has been used for many centuries for healing wounds, cuts, sores and ulcers. It is known to keep wound area surrounding moist and contribute to wound healing phrases of the skin. Hence, enriched by aloe vera, two-in-one creams that both provide gentle disinfection and proper moisturizing can be used in treatment process of diabetic foot ulcers.